Wishing you all a Happy Chaitra Navratri and welcoming this auspicious new offering especially dedicated to all women!

5 Shaktis - 5 Sundays
May 2nd - May 30th
8-10am PST, 11-1pm EST, 4-6pm UK
All sessions will be recorded and replay made available within 24 hours.
$108 for all 5 sessions!

**And stay tuned for additional workshops with each presenter this Summer!

We encourage you to take a moment to reflect:

  • When was the last time you made some time for you?

  • Are you looking for a way to reinspire and reconnect with your inner feminine and highest creativity?

  • Are you missing connecting with other yoginis and sharing supporting, nurturing energy?

Akhanda Yoga is pleased to announce a virtual series of Sunday workshops in May to rebalance, restore and empower the unlimited Shakti within all of us, guided by 5 powerful, inspiring Akhanda Yoga Shaktis!

The word Shakti in Sanskrit is associated with the Universal power of creation and manifestation - the Divine Feminine that makes everything bloom and grow within and around us! When She is balanced and in alignment, everything that surrounds Her also moves into balance and alignment. Her unlimited potential provides all the support needed to decide on and manifest our chosen goals.

Our May workshop series will cover 5 thoughtfully chosen topics shared by 5 unique Akhanda Teachers to support and empower Yoginis with specific women’s health focused ayurvedic wisdom and yogic techniques.

Join a community of like minded Yoginis celebrating women’s wellbeing!

Please note, all sessions will be recorded if you are unable to attend live or must miss a session.

We encourage you to share this offering and join in with your mother, sister, and/or friend.

This unique offering would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift for the special women in your life!

Dr. Gaytri Kalia

Sunday May 2nd: Women's Health and Ayurveda- Balancing Hormones

Ayurveda gives a lot of importance to the health of women through different stages and transitions of their lives, from puberty, menarche to menopause, and in aging gracefully. The foundation of Ayurveda is Self-Knowledge. By knowing one’s own prakriti (Constitution), and imbalance in dosha, one can plan and practice an appropriate daily and seasonal dietetic and behavioral regimen. With this simple effort, the body will maintain balance of the doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and when we restore balance, we are happy in our minds, healthy in our bodies and satisfied in our lives!

Adi Shakti

Sunday May 9th: Trauma Informed Practice: Healing Womanhood + Strengthening in Service

Being Trauma Informed in your service to self and others is an ethical necessity as we continue to expand the practice to vulnerable communities and hearts. Adi Shakti hosts a teaching + conversation on self compassion and supporting those impacted by trauma with more integrity + skill.

Jeanie Jyanti

Sunday May 16th: Resting in the Feminine

A deep dive into resting in your feminine. Combining movement, mantra, mudra, deep rest and meditation you will experience and learn about ways to connect deeply to your womb and femininity. Create a nest for yourself, with too many props, candles and an open heart. Come together in community with other women to celebrate our femininity.

Yog Sundari

Sunday May 23rd: Sacred Lunar Sadhana

The Lunar Cycle is an intimate pattern within women; many of us are beginning to remember this cycle, aligning our lives and connecting with the sacred moon rhythm. Whether you are bleeding or have transitioned into a different phase in life, we can always connect to the cadence and the energy of the moon to guide our womb or wombspace journey. Together we will explore movement, breath, mantra, mudra, visualisation, sound healing and yoga nidra ~ reconnecting to the essence of the moon and how she can be our guiding light of illumination and honouring.

Anandi Alison Francis

Sunday May 30th: An Empowered Woman Sleeps Well

Anandi will explore sleep challenges through the lifetime of women. When we don't sleep well, our Shakti becomes weary and the goddess within can't raise to her full potential. Sleep is a foundational pillar of health. Anandi will share strategies to help overcome some of the obstacles we all experience as women at varying times of our life including a practice devoted to female balance through breath awareness.

We're are excited and honored to bring this Women's Empowerment Series to the Akhanda Global Family!