• Do you find your energy and mood change considerable from week to week?

  • Are you looking to find more ways to support yourself as you navigate your menstrual cycle, regardless of where you're at?

  • Would you like to harness your innate power and rhythm of the seasons?

  • Feeling called to connect to your womb space and your sisters in community?

Join Jyanti in this 2 hour workshop exploring the 4 seasons.

We have 4 seasons of year, as well as in our lives and for those with a womb we also have 4 seasons of our Menstrual Cycle.

Friday October 22nd, 11-1pm Vancouver
2-4pm New York, 7-9pm Ireland

The practice will explore these seasons and how we can navigate them with ease and harmony. It will include mindful movement and dancing, breathwork and pranayama, mantra, mudra and deep rest, including restorative and nidra practices.

Workshop will be recorded and replay made available within 24 hours
Students will have access to the recording for one month
Only $30 to join

Jeanie Jyanti

Jeanie Jyanti is passionate about taking yoga off the mat and helping others discover the many aspects of yoga and how you can integrate them into your everyday life. Her desire is to preserve the ancient teachings of yoga, gifted to us from Mother India, and allow people all over the world to experience the immense benefits yoga can have on your life. She loves combining yoga with her other passions of food and music.

Born and raised in Ireland her Celtic roots and love of mysticism lends to a holistic and varied interest in Spirituality. You will usually find her laughing, thinking about food, nerding out on biochemistry, singing mantra or talking about her dog!

Gather with a like minded community for this beautiful offering of supportive practices, personal learning, and deep connection.