Join Akhanda Yoga for 2 special FREE Classical Kundalini Classes!

Thursday April 8th with James from 6-7pm PST, 9-10pm EST
Thursday April 15th with Yogrishi Vishvketu from 7-8am PST, 10-11am EST, 3-4pm UK

Classical Kundalini

is a truly unique style developed by Yogrishi Vishvketu in 2003 to initiate students into Tantra Yoga. Classes focus on the subtle energy systems of the body and work to balance the solar and lunar channels. This combination helps to clear the energy passageways and chakras, aligning you with cosmic prana.

  • 🔱 Asana

  • 🔱 Oscillating movements

  • 🔱 Tantric and Vedic Bija mantras

  • 🔱 Chakra visualizations

  • 🔱 Dynamic pranayama techniques

You will come away with greater clarity, vitality, and peace!