March 30th to June 1st, 2021

7:00am – 8.00am PST (Break week 11th May)

A new edition of Akhanda’s much loved 9 week practice program focusing on the inner power to manifest, live online once a week with Yogrishi Vishvketu. The series will work directly on the Manipura (navel chakra) which regulates immunity, personal transformation, fear based emotions and willpower. Tapping into the hidden potential of our breathing allows us to improve many aspects of our wellbeing and bring inner satisfaction, abundance and confidence into our daily lives.

Deepen your awareness of the power of breath and advance your knowledge of authentic techniques behind modern day breathwork practices.

This program will build on our last series, the 63 day/9 week program focusing on resetting and retraining the breath. During this continued 9 week internal journey, there will be a deeper exploration of three key sequences alongside additional techniques to help you integrate your own personal, systematic, daily practice. As always, there will be time to ask questions directly to Yogrishi Vishvketu during the Question and Answer/Community session at the end of the practice.


  • Pre-requesites

    This practice builds on the "foundational breath reset and retrain" series. For those who have not undertaken the foundational series, it is important that you have access to the course materials. This is to address any questions you may have and inform you of the proper techniques we will build upon to deepen the practices, including agnisar kriya, ujjai breath and uddiyana bandha. To access the recommended asana practice and previous pranayama 9 week foundational series, you must have an Akhanda Yoga Online membership.

  • Akhanda Yoga Online Members

    You will also receive a weekly asana practice video recommendation from Yogrishi Vishvketu on our Akhanda Yoga Online (AYO) platform. This will complement and support your practice and the pranayama sequence being explored in that week. If you do not yet have an account with AYO please subscribe with the discount code BREATHE for a free month on top of the 7 day free trial. Register by clicking below!

  • Notice of Recording

    All sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend live and for participants to utilize throughout the week.

Join Vishva-ji for this new uplifting experience and empower yourself through your own breath!