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7 Week Akhanda Yoga Nidra Series - Deep Cellular Healing - $108 value
Akhanda Yoga Happy Food - 3 Part Spice Kitchen Series - $108 value

“Real healing begins when you get comfortable with your uncomfortable feelings”

-Yogrishi Vishvketu

Have you experienced feeling stuck? Do you recognize feelings of fear and self-limiting beliefs that contribute to feeling stuck? Many of us know these feelings, perhaps these days more than ever.

Feeling stuck can affect our self-confidence and self-beliefs, distort our perceptions, and shut down our creative flow.

The 7 Week Akhanda Yoga Series on Releasing Fear and Bringing Joy can help “unstuck” you. This Yoga series is designed to help you lean into fear and overcome self-limiting beliefs. It’s a lifetime journey that can start now.

While our nervous system may be focused on keeping us safe and comfortable, our Soul craves expansion and growth to experience all that it is here to experience in this lifetime.

Don’t miss this opportunity to feed your Soul.


  • Every Tuesday October 5th - November 16th

  • 7:00am to 8:00am Pacific Time (recordings will be made available for 3 full months)

  • 7 weeks, $108 USD